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What’s It Really Costing You?

Missed opportunities. Disappointment. Inertia. Do you find yourself talking about what could’ve, should’ve or would’ve been? Are you a master at denying what you really want as a way to avoid that lingering, always present, truth in your heart? I realize it can be hard to follow your truth, especially when you find yourself in… Continue reading What’s It Really Costing You?

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Tales of Woe: How to Stop Giving Your Power Away

Have you ever observed yourself going on-and-on about the disappointments and sorrows bringing you down in life?  Do you often tell tales of being victimized by others or external circumstances? Let’s be real: we are all guilty of this at times in our lives, especially when the chips are down and we can’t see the… Continue reading Tales of Woe: How to Stop Giving Your Power Away


2 Keys to Creating a Successful Life

When I say the word service, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?  My own answers surprised because of how many negative associations I had with the word. I found myself saying things like doing what others want me to do; giving more than I get in return in order to be… Continue reading 2 Keys to Creating a Successful Life


Growing Pains: The Path to Creating a Life You Love.

How many of you are daydreaming right now about your ideal life while sitting in a cubicle in some nondescript building? Does it seem like the world is passing you by? Do you tell yourself: I will create my ideal life, but first I have to…. (fill in the blank).Whether your reason for not creating… Continue reading Growing Pains: The Path to Creating a Life You Love.


A Simply Abundant Life

I have spent the last few years of my life eliminating unnecessary spending on activities, things, and people who do not contribute to my life in a meaningful way. I started down this path in order to live a life that was more intentional, fulfilling, harmonious and abundant. Traveling on this inner road to happiness,… Continue reading A Simply Abundant Life