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What’s It Really Costing You?

I realize it can be hard to follow your truth, especially when you find yourself in a situation that contradicts what you are feeling at a gut level. It is also easier to complain and blame everyone else for your predicament rather than admitting you have played an active role in creating your current situation.… Continue reading What’s It Really Costing You?

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Hazards on the Road to Self-Empowerment

Have you be been making positive changes in your life? Maybe you have completed your degree, received a promotion at work or eliminated some bad habit like eating fast food. You know you want a better life for yourself and you have developed some good habits to move you in that direction, but what you… Continue reading Hazards on the Road to Self-Empowerment


Growing Pains: The Path to Creating a Life You Love.

How many of you are daydreaming right now about your ideal life while sitting in a cubicle in some nondescript building? Does it seem like the world is passing you by? Do you tell yourself: I will create my ideal life, but first I have to…. (fill in the blank).Whether your reason for not creating… Continue reading Growing Pains: The Path to Creating a Life You Love.

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The Importance of Mothering Ourselves

It took me a long time to recognize that one essential ingredient of self-love is acknowledging and caring for the child that still lives inside of me. It was especially critical for me to put this idea into practice since my own mother was emotionally unavailable in my youth. And because of this, I behaved… Continue reading The Importance of Mothering Ourselves