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What’s It Really Costing You?

I realize it can be hard to follow your truth, especially when you find yourself in a situation that contradicts what you are feeling at a gut level. It is also easier to complain and blame everyone else for your predicament rather than admitting you have played an active role in creating your current situation.… Continue reading What’s It Really Costing You?

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Tales of Woe: How to Stop Giving Your Power Away

Have you ever observed yourself going on-and-on about the disappointments and sorrows bringing you down in life?  Do you often tell tales of being victimized by others or external circumstances? Let’s be real: we are all guilty of this at times in our lives, especially when the chips are down and we can’t see the… Continue reading Tales of Woe: How to Stop Giving Your Power Away


2 Keys to Creating a Successful Life

When I say the word service, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?  My own answers surprised because of how many negative associations I had with the word. I found myself saying things like doing what others want me to do; giving more than I get in return in order to be… Continue reading 2 Keys to Creating a Successful Life

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The Importance of Mothering Ourselves

It took me a long time to recognize that one essential ingredient of self-love is acknowledging and caring for the child that still lives inside of me. It was especially critical for me to put this idea into practice since my own mother was emotionally unavailable in my youth. And because of this, I behaved… Continue reading The Importance of Mothering Ourselves